Pyle Statue in Leavenworth, Kansas

Dedicated on December 3, 2009, this full-size work commemorates both the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's speech in Leavenworth and the 200th anniversary of his birth. You will find it on the south lawn of the Leavenworth City Hall, a few blocks from the site of the since-demolished Stockton Hall where he spoke.

Lincoln visited Leavenworth on a speaking tour of northeastern Kansas while he was preparing a speech he would give in New York City a few months later. He used his opportunities in Kansas to test how his audience would react to the concepts in his now-famous Cooper Union speech.

A faithful portrait of Lincoln's known appearance at the time, the bronze statue gives the impression that he might reach out and greet the viewer. The sculpture was designed by Kansas artist Martin Leo Pyle, who depicted Lincoln carrying his hat in one hand and a copy of a December 3 Leavenworth newspaper in the other.

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