McClarey Statue in Peoria, Illinois

This bronze work by John McClarey honors an important speech by Lincoln on October 16, 1854. Called "Lincoln Draws the Line," it symbolizes Lincoln's stance against the extension of slavery at a time when Stephen A. Douglas and other Democrats encouraged its spread.

The full-size work shows Lincoln pointing to a place near his feet, depicted here by a mark at the base. The statue stands outside the Peoria County Courthouse at the corner of Main and Jefferson streets in downtown Peoria.

The statue was unveiled on October 14, 2001 during a ceremony attended by students from nearby school districts. Then-Congressman Ray LaHood gave the main address. The statue, which is dedicated to the students, teachers and citizens of the Peoria area, was funded by the Lincoln Statue Committee as a project "of the people, by the people, and for the people."

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