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Books about the Lincoln Assassination

John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Map

Both teachers and Lincoln buffs will find this colorful map an invaluable guide to the movements of Abraham Lincoln's assassin after he fled the murder scene. It traces Booth's travels from April 14, 1865, at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C., through southern Maryland, across the Potomac River and into Virginia where he met death on April 26.

The map also includes helpful background information, a summary of events at each location, and descriptions of Booth's flight, his fellow conspirators, and pursuers. Created by Kieran McAuliffe, the map is printed in full color and unfolds to 11 x 20 inches. Thomas Publications released it in 2002.

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  • Williams, Frank and Burkhimer, Michael. The Lincoln Assassination Riddle: Revisiting the Crime of the Nineteenth Century. Kent State University, 2016.

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