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Lincoln Presidential Links


  • Abraham Lincoln and Agriculture (National Agricultural Library)
  • Abraham Lincoln and Civil Liberties in Wartime (Heritage Foundation)
  • Abraham Lincoln and the Politics of the Civil War (ExplorePA)
  • Abraham Lincoln's Supreme Court*
  • A House Divided: America in the Age of Lincoln (Chicago Historical Society/Gilder Lehrman Institute)
  • David Donald on Abraham Lincoln: What Makes a Strong Leader? (PBS)
  • Domestic Affairs in the Lincoln Administration (University of Virginia)
  • Foreign Affairs in the Lincoln Administration (University of Virginia)
  • Key Events in Lincoln's Presidency (University of Virginia)
  • Lincoln and Seward by Gideon Welles (Making of America)
  • Lincoln and Whitman (History Now)
  • Lincoln in the Media (History Now)
  • Mr. Lincoln and the Founders (The Lincoln Institute)
  • Mr. Lincoln and Freedom (The Lincoln Institute)
  • Mr. Lincoln and Friends (The Lincoln Institute)
  • Mr. Lincoln and New York (The Lincoln Institute)
  • Mr. Lincoln's White House (The Lincoln Institute)
  • President Lincoln's Jewish Friends (Jewish Virtual Library)
  • Racial Satire and the Civil War Case Study: Abraham Lincoln (University of Virginia)


  • Behind the Scenes by Elizabeth Keckley (University of Michigan)
  • Books about Lincoln's Presidential Career*
  • Interview with Dean Mahin*
  • Interview with Ronald C. White, Jr. on Lincoln's Eloquence*
  • Nineteenth Century Lincoln-Related Publications (Making of America)
  • One War at a Time by Dean Mahin*
  • Six Months at the White House with Abraham Lincoln (Making of America)
  • The Life and Public Services of Abraham Lincoln (Making of America)

    1860 Election

  • 1860 Nomination for President (Great American History)
  • Campaigns and Elections/1860 (University of Virginia)
  • Illinois and the 1860 Election (NIU)
  • Lincoln's Acceptance of 1860 Nomination (Library of Congress)
  • Lincoln and Hamlin Election Ticket (Library of Congress)
  • Lincoln for President Banner (Library of Congress)
  • Lincoln-Hamlin Campaign Banner*
  • Lincoln Campaign Banner (Kansas State Historical Society)
  • Map of the 1860 Presidential Election (American Presidency Project)
  • The Presidential Election of 1860 (NIU)

    1864 Election

  • Campaigns and Elections/1864 (University of Virginia)
  • Lincoln, Grant and the 1864 Election (NPS)
  • Lincoln's Reelection by Noah Brooks (Cornell University)
  • Map of the 1864 Presidential Election (American Presidency Project)
  • McClellan and Seymour in the Chicago Convention of 1864 (JISHS)
  • The Unwanted Mr. Lincoln (JISHS)


  • Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation: A Summary*
  • Chronology of Emancipation During the Civil War (UMD)
  • Emancipation Proclamation Text*
  • Emancipation Proclamation - First Draft (Library of Congress)
  • Emancipation Proclamation -- Original Document (NARA)
  • Emancipation Proclamation Timeline (Library of Congress)
  • In Defense of the Great Emancipator*
  • Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation News Article (New York Times)
  • The President's Proclamation (Making of America)
  • Thirteenth Amendment (Great American History)
  • Virtual Visit: The Emancipation Proclamation (New York State Library)
  • Wilberforce, Lincoln and the Abolition of Slavery (Gilder Lehrman Institute)


  • Abraham Lincoln and Gettysburg Highlights*
  • Battlefield Map (Library of Congress)
  • Gettysburg Address, 1863*
  • Gettysburg Address Exhibit (Library of Congress)
  • Letter of Invitation to Lincoln (Library of Congress)
  • Letter of Invitation to Stay Overnight (Library of Congress)
  • Letter to Lincoln from Edward Everett (Library of Congress)
  • Letter to Lincoln from Edward Everett*
  • Lincoln at Gettysburg*
  • Lincoln at Gettysburg Photo Tour*
  • Photograph of Lincoln at Gettysburg (Library of Congress)
  • Recollections of Lincoln at Gettysburg*

    First Inauguration and Inaugural Journey

  • Abraham Lincoln's Inaugurations*
  • First Inaugural Address Text*
  • First Inaugural Bible (Library of Congress)
  • First Inaugural Documents and Images (Library of Congress)
  • First Inaugural Photograph (Library of Congress)
  • First Inaugural Address Manuscript (Library of Congress)
  • Lincoln's Departure for Washington*
  • Lincoln's First Inauguration*
  • Lincoln's Inaugural Journey Appearance in Pittsburgh (Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh)
  • Lincoln's Inaugural Journey Reception in Buffalo, New York (Buffalo History Works)
  • Lincoln Meets Grace Bedell*
  • Lincoln's Whiskers and Grace Bedell (Buffalo History Works)

    Second Inauguration

  • Abraham Lincoln's Inaugurations*
  • Abraham Lincoln's Second Inauguration*
  • Lincoln's Greatest Speech? (The Atlantic Monthly)
  • Lincoln's Second Inauguration by Noah Brooks (Cornell University)
  • Second Inaugural Address Text*
  • Second Inaugural Documents and Images (Library of Congress)


  • Ford's Theatre (NPS)
  • Fort Stevens (NPS)
  • Gettysburg*
  • Harpers Ferry (NPS)
  • New York Avenue Presbyterian Church*
  • St. John's Episcopal Church*
  • U.S. Capitol*
  • U.S. Capitol Photo Tour*
  • White House (NPS)
  • Wills House*

    Selected Speeches and Writings

  • Annual Message to Congress, 1862 (conclusion)*
  • Acceptance of Honorary Degree, 1864 (Princeton University)
  • Last Public Address, 1865*
  • Letter to Mrs. Bixby, 1864*
  • Letter to James C. Conkling, 1863*
  • Letter to Ephraim D. and Phoebe Ellsworth, 1861*
  • Letter to Horace Greeley, 1862*
  • Letter to Erastus Corning and Others, 1863*
  • Letter to General Grant, 1863*
  • Letter to Mrs. Eliza P. Gurney, 1864*
  • Letter to Albert G. Hodges, 1864*
  • Letter to Fanny McCullough, 1862*
  • Meditation on the Divine Will, 1862*
  • Military Tributes by Lincoln*
  • Proclamation Appointing a National Fast Day, 1863*
  • Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1863*
  • Response to a Serenade, 1863*
  • Speeches to Ohio Regiments, 1864*
  • The Papers of Abraham Lincoln (IHPA et al)

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