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Lincoln Quiz

What did Lincoln do on the Fourth of July?

Historical records show that Lincoln was involved in a variety of activities on this holiday, such as:

In 1837 it's likely that Lincoln was present when the statehouse cornerstone was laid in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois. This handsome building is now a restored visitor site.

In 1839 Lincoln was the assistant marshal of the Fourth of July parade in Springfield. The parade concluded at the statehouse with a speech by James Conkling, Lincoln's long-time friend.

In 1845 Lincoln was the one delivering the speech at the Fourth of July celebration in Springfield, held at 2:00 p.m. at the statehouse.

In 1856 Lincoln and others spoke at a Republican rally in Princeton, Illinois. They were promoting Fremont and Bissell, candidates for President and Governor, respectively. As you probably realize, Fremont lost but Bissell became the first Republican governor of Illinois.

In 1860 Lincoln was home in Springfield with a headache and sore throat. In a letter, he wondered if he had a mild form of scarlet fever, which had afflicted his son Willie.

In 1861, far from the festivities he normally enjoyed on this holiday, President Lincoln delivered a war message to a special session of Congress, in which he reviewed the state of the Union.

In 1862 Lincoln greeted Colonel William Seaton, president of the Association of Surviving Soldiers of the War of 1812. Men from this group had arrived at the White House to pay their respects.

In 1863 Lincoln was meeting with General Haupt and General Halleck about military matters. You will recall that the battle of Gettysburg had just ended.

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