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Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association

Submission Guidelines

Email: James M. Cornelius, Editor

Call for Papers: Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association

Authors, professors, history buffs -- Do you have an idea for a manuscript on Lincoln, or a partially finished one in the drawer? Please consider submitting a completed manuscript to the Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association for possible publication. Click on the Submission Guidelines link (below left) for submission details. If you are an academic, encourage your graduate students to submit high-quality work. Note that although the Journal seeks articles, it assigns book reviews to designated scholars. The Journal has converted to on an online management system and handles all of its submissions online.

Some tips: Please submit a completed, annotated manuscript, not a query. Your work will be reviewed by the editor and anonymously by well-regarded Lincoln specialists. If you are not accustomed to writing for scholarly periodicals and need feedback, you can ask for suggestions to improve your work. James M. Cornelius, Journal editor, offers this editorial perspective: "A good article does not have to address a biographical aspect of Lincoln's life. It does have to be Lincoln-related. It must be original and new -- either a new topic with fresh research, or a substantially fresh interpretation of an old topic. We are a scholarly journal, so we require use of and familiarity with primary sources, not just the secondary literature, and the use of thorough footnotes. We also welcome articles on documents: new finds and discussion of a document find that offers a substantial new angle. We particularly welcome work on Lincoln's legal career; see the database at the lawpracticeofabrahamlincoln.org to begin. We also welcome such topics as Lincoln in the arts, his impact on local, national, or world society, Lincoln in memory and literature, Lincoln sites and monuments, and similar cultural examinations."

If you're not familiar with this publication, click on the Journal link (below left) to browse past issues. This must-have scholarly periodical, published twice a year, is provided as a benefit to members of the Abraham Lincoln Association.

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