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Abraham Lincoln Online Editorial Assistant
The Cat-in-Charge

Welcome to Abraham Lincoln Online

Just who is America's sixteenth President, anyway? We hope you're curious. Our intent is to reflect Abraham Lincoln in his historical context, rather than retrofit him to contemporary expectations. As author David Mearns said of Lincoln, "If he belongs to the ages it is because he belonged to his own age, his own fellows, his own environment ... if we would honor him, recognise and understand him we must return to his [age]."

Readers sometimes ask who produces Abraham Lincoln Online. We suspect they are hoping for an impressive answer. The truth is much simpler: it's two people and a cat. We value our independent status, even though it means publishing on a shoestring. However, we have done our homework ... supervised, of course, by the cat. In his own peculiar way he represents Mr. Lincoln's well-known love of animals, and cats in particular.

We started Abraham Lincoln Online as a hobby in 1995. It's still fun, despite sporadic technical problems and the occasional crabby reader. Then, as now, we enjoy offering news about Lincoln books, speeches and writings, historic places, and events. We trust this information will enrich your life as you read, study, discuss, and otherwise explore it.

Changes: Visit the News page often to see the latest Lincoln news. We add to this page frequently. However, don't expect to find every news item here. That would not be possible or even desirable.

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We are grateful to those who have generously added to our information storehouse, making this website a more rewarding experience for our visitors.

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