Photograph by Christopher Heather

Mulligan Statue near Pana, Illinois

This heroic-sized statue stands in the heart of Illinois "Lincoln country" near the towns of Rosamond and Pana in the Rosamond Grove Cemetery. You also can see a replica at Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago. The bronze work was designed by Charles Mulligan, an Irish immigrant who studied and worked with sculptor Lorado Taft. Mulligan, who was born the year after Lincoln died, also produced the Lincoln statue in Chicago's Garfield Park.

Called "The Orator," this towering bronze work was dedicated on October 29, 1903. Captain John and Mary Kitchell gave it to the cemetery in memory of Union soldiers and sailors and their Commander-in-Chief. The granite pedestal includes a portion of the Gettysburg Address, although Lincoln's sweeping gesture was not characteristic of that speech. Captain Kitchell said the statue was meant to "emphasize in the loftiest and most impressive manner the sublime thoughts which [Lincoln] had uttered on that memorable occasion."

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