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Abraham Lincoln Quiz

It's not a test! You get no points or prizes, but try it anyway. Each quiz simply arises from a specific historic Lincoln event.

  • What happened when filmmaker Ken Burns covered the Lincoln assassination?

  • What event on May 26, 1854 re-awakened Lincoln's interest in politics?

  • By what route was Lincoln's body returned to his hometown?

  • Which speech did Lincoln say would "wear as well as--perhaps better than--any thing I have produced"?

  • Which Lincoln relative died on January 17, 1851?

  • How did Lincoln spend Christmas week as President and President-elect?

  • Which impact did Lincoln's election have on his professional life?

  • Which friend of Lincoln's was killed on October 21, 1861?

  • Which two things would Lincoln not want you to know?

  • How did Lincoln bring fame to Beardstown, Illinois?

  • How did Lincoln spend the Fourth of July?

  • What was Lincoln's postal job like?

  • What happened the morning of February 11, 1861?

  • What happened behind the scenes with Lincoln's First Inaugural Address?

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